The Big Winner


Unfortunately, our game came to its end. Fortunately, there were indeed some participants. As a new company, we decided that starting a game is a good way to present ourselves and attract more people. We secretly hoped that the game would be more successful than it actually was, but we've learned a lot while the game was on.

Before revealing who is the winner of our first website giveaway, we are happy to announce that there will be more games! And not only giveaways but exciting competitions and offers are waiting around the corner. The more active you guys are, the more fun there will be. So start liking, sharing, following and tweeting and soon there might be a new article with a new winner announcement.

Let's stop the torturing here and call the winner's name: Phil Cross who participate in Facebook. He is getting an Artist website for his light painting photography!

We want to say a big Thank you to everyone who participated in our game, and to those who didn't but just decided to give us a boost by sharing our posts and tweets.

Chao people! And don't give up on your dreams because they might be on just one awesome website distance. See you soon!


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